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Duncan Aviation Expands Honeywell HTF7000 Engine Shop, Names New Program Manager

Shawn Schmitz, Duncan Aviation's new HTF7000 Program Manager, stands in the company's new 20,000-square-foot HTF7000 engine maintenance services shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. Click image for high-res download.

LINCOLN, NEB. — Duncan Aviation has quadrupled the dedicated shop space for the company’s Honeywell HTF7000 engine maintenance services in Lincoln, Neb., to 20,000 square feet and named Shawn Schmitz as the new HTF7000 Program Manager.

In 2015, Duncan Aviation’s Honeywell authorization expanded to include the HTF7000 (AS907) Series Minor capabilities. The shop shared a 4,000-square-foot space with the turbine engine line team. In the eight years since, the program has increased to the point where shop space became a limiting factor.

The HTF7000 shop now occupies a newly remodeled, 20,000-square-foot facility alongside the Duncan Aviation TFE731 Engine Shop, where resources and capabilities are re-aligned and shared to improve efficiencies to support these larger engine and maintenance events.

This move has brought all of the engine services and backshop capabilities into one place, including a dedicated on-site NDT (nondestructive testing) lab, a flow and balance room, a large engine cleanroom with an overhead crane, a large-capacity media blaster, state-of-the-art paint booth, and mixing room. 

“We have always been able to successfully perform all aspects of the HTF7000 engine maintenance process since receiving the minor authorization,” says Duncan Aviation’s Manager of Engine Overhaul Services Scott Stoki. “We are now making the best use of our time and space by supporting the entire process in one location and not having to move certain critical parts through other areas of the company.”  

From the beginning of the HTF7000 authorization, Shawn Schmitz, a long-time Duncan Aviation team member, took ownership of these new capabilities, developing a successful program that continues to grow.

“Shawn has years of hands-on experience tearing the HTF7000 engine down as far as possible in the field and then putting it back together again,” says Stoki. “This experience gives him the tribal knowledge to pass his expertise on to his team and to serve customers better.”

Schmitz’s first goal as HTF7000 Program Manager is education. “I want everyone on the team to be on the same page and moving forward together.”

He works closely with the sales team to help them better understand what service bulletins and repairs are available and what questions to ask. “With this information, they can communicate better, allowing us to best support customers with our HTF services.”

He trains and consults with engine technicians at all of Duncan Aviation’s MRO locations in Battle Creek, Mich.; Lincoln; Provo, Utah; and the engine Rapid Response Team network. “No matter where our customers go to receive HTF services from Duncan Aviation, they will receive a similar customer service experience,” Schmitz says.   

“I understand why customers like this engine. It is very reliable and has a good reputation in the fleet,” says Schmitz. “It will be around for a long time. And we will be here to support it.”



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