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Duncan Aviation Modernizes Dated CL300

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LINCOLN, NEB. — Duncan Aviation’s full-service maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility in Provo, Utah, took a dated CL300 and transformed it to look like a brand new aircraft. The aircraft was at the Duncan Aviation Provo facility for a pre-purchase evaluation and work began immediately after the purchase transaction was completed. The aircraft received a new interior, partial paint, and minor maintenance work before being delivered to a happy customer.

Duncan Aviation Associate Designer Amie Jensen explained that the team had all the materials purchased ahead of time, and the second the pre-purchase evaluation was completed, it rolled into interior work.

“We wasted no time,” said Jensen. “The interior had a typical, mid-2000s look with light wood, ultra-suede, and yellowing components. There wasn’t anything unique about it.”

The team took the worn and dated interior and transformed it to look like it came straight off the production line. Jensen said the owner sent inspiration photos of what they wanted to do to with their aircraft.

“We would be in video communication with the owner halfway across the world as he showed us different samples of what he wanted,” said Jensen. “This is a great example of how we cater to our customers’ individual needs. Whether they are on-site in one of our Design Centers, or on an international video call in their home, we take the necessary steps to assist them in the decision-making process.”

Interior Highlights

CL300 interior refurbishment completed by Duncan Aviation

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The interior of this CL300 is highlighted by reupholstered seats with two-tone patterned headrests, a new countertop in the lavatory, vinyl flooring, grey and white patterned carpet, and new shades.

The aft lavatory countertop has complex curves, which presents a unique set of challenges when working with a rigid material like Corian. The Duncan Aviation team has been refining their techniques for applying this material to more organic shapes, and is now able to shape Corian into different profiles.

“Before this new capability, the only option to customize the material was to paint it, and we had difficulty customizing lavatory countertops because of it,” explained Jensen. “Because of this capability, we were able to install a new, customized Corian countertop in the lavatory.”

The new countertop, combined with the unique design features of the CL300 sink, create a customized look that is unique to the aircraft.

Upholstery Automation

The seats utilized Duncan Aviation’s automation technology. Upholstery automation includes machinery for the precision cutting of seat covers and foam, computerized sewing machines for stitching and quilting, and the utilization of automated design software to create seat models, and generate dress cover patterns tailored to customer specifications.

“Using the automation technology ensures there is conformity across all of the seats,” said Upholstery Team Leader Brandon Crosby. “The automation process helps us provide a great product.”

The Upholstery Shop in Provo created two-tone patterned headrests that are highlighted by a sliver of black around the base.

“The seats are a huge reason the new interior looks great,” said Jensen. “The sliver of black really makes the seats pop and adds a unique touch.”

New Shades

The existing CL300 shades had plastic components that have a tendency to break or lose strength over the years. The Duncan Aviation team found a manufacturer that utilizes a more durable shade that is simpler to maintain.

“The maintenance on these shades is a lot easier to perform,” said Interior Completions Team Leader Clay Witte. “If the pleats begin to lose rigidity, it will be quick and easy to swap out. We have been very satisfied with this new product and anticipate using it quite a bit.”

Exterior Upgrades

The customer previously operated a Hawker XP, and wanted the paint on the new CL300 to reflect what they had on the Hawker. The Paint Shop and Design team came up with a solution to modify the existing stripe scheme instead of repainting the entire aircraft.

“We changed one of the stripes from a rounded stripe to a pointed stripe, and modified the design to create a really sleek look,” said Jensen. “We also added a logo to the tail. It was a creative interpretation of the design they had on their Hawker.”

This aircraft is a great example of what Duncan Aviation does best.

“We worked directly with the customer, understood their needs, and got them exactly what they wanted,” Jensen said. “We were happy to deliver this aircraft to an extremely happy customer.”

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