Core Values

Duncan Aviation has team members around the world. We all have diverse backgrounds, but a common thread that ties us together is an inherent sense to do the right thing and a professional, positive attitude. It’s the people within a company who create a strong brand. Our people are talented, dedicated and special. They care about our customers and they are mindful to create an exceptional experience.

In the first season of Duncan Aviation Straight Talk podcasts, Harrison Duncan sits down with a member of the Duncan Aviation Senior Team to address a specific core value.

Our free Straight Talk podcasts are an audible way to gather clear, concise, no-nonsense information about important topics in business aviation.

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Robert & Todd Duncan

Fourth-generation Duncan Harrison Duncan sits down with Chairman Emeritus Robert Duncan and Chairman of the Board Todd Duncan to discuss the company's first core value: Deliver high-quality products and services.

Lead Through Action and Innovation-Jeff Lake and Mike Minchow

Fourth-generation Duncan, Harrison Duncan, sits down with Chief Operating Officer Jeff Lake and Vice President of Modifications & Completions Mike Minchow to discuss the company's second core value: Lead Through Action and Innovation.

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Core Values

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