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The Sleeker Side of Hawkers

Functionality and Comfort Delivered With A Personal Touch

Having twin Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Authorized Service Centers (one in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the other in Battle Creek, Michigan) means much more than just performing inspections and keeping engines at peak performance. It means that Duncan Aviation has “touched” the many different Hawker models many thousands of times. It means that Duncan Aviation Hawker teams are intimately familiar with the Hawker airframe, its characteristics and the technical aspects of dealing with any problem. But it also means something else. It means that Duncan Aviation’s paint and interior designers have unparalleled experience at providing award-winning and unique designs for your Hawker.

Teri Nekuda from Lincoln and Patty Simon from Battle Creek are two Duncan Aviation designers who know the Hawker airframe well and know how to make it look great. “In my Hawker designs I like to try to make the airframe look sleeker by designing paint schemes that seem to elongate the fuselage,” Teri explains.

Duncan Aviation is well known throughout the corporate aviation industry as the place for avionics, technical services, award-winning maintenance, etc. But did you know that thousands of in-the-know customers depend on Duncan Aviation’s design services and the experience of designers like Teri and Patty to turn their aircraft into spectacular works of art?

“I enjoyed working on a recent Hawker project in Battle Creek where we increased the seating by installing a divan in the right-hand aft area in place of a single and then added a privacy forward door to separate the galley area from the cabin. These types of modifications increase the comfort level for passengers and make for a more functional aircraft,” Patty said.

Teri and Patty accomplish the goals you set by understanding how you use your aircraft and by taking your personal tastes into account when deciding what will influence their final designs. “I view each Hawker as having its own unique challenges when I start looking at designing an interior or paint scheme,” Teri said. The results operators receive from the­se talented designers are quite stunning and deliver an interior with a proven design process that maximizes comfort, and is functional and easily maintained.

Many customers tell us that other operators can instantly recognize their paint job as being performed at a Duncan Aviation facility. Within the industry it’s well known that when it comes to a quality paint process and the design expertise to make it stand out among thousands of others, only Duncan Aviation will do! If you’ve never used Duncan Aviation’s paint and interior design teams you might be inclined to ask why they are so good. It’s because our designers and experienced paint teams pay attention to every detail in each stage of preparation. This ensures your Hawker will not only be protected from the elements but be recognized as having only the highest quality finish and a superior design by the discerning eyes of your peers.