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Tech Report Winter 2009

Find What You Need Faster On DA.aero

n. (redesign): entire overhaul to the structure of a website offering better navigation and information that’s easier to find.

After listening to customer requests and feedback, we have redesigned Duncan Aviation’s web site and given it a new address. Besides a more modern design, the entire structure of the site has been overhauled, offering better navigation and information that’s easier to find.

The new site was designed to provide an easier and more productive experience for visitors. The address DuncanAviation.aero is now available as DA.aero, which is easier and faster to type (older addresses like DuncanAviation.com will still work). Core services are listed prominently on the homepage in addition to service programs and our latest publications. The ads have gotten smaller, and offer information on new service initiatives, company events and technical solutions. In addition, “breadcrumb” navigation for each section helps you determine where you are on the site, and get back more easily. Quote requests are designed to be easier to send, and related links and contact information are also more accessible.

The new website, which was designed and developed almost entirely in-house, is the product of more than a year’s worth of work and discussions with web users. But it is not “done.” The site will continue to grow, offering new features, technical resources and more.

You may comment on the site by visiting DA.aero and clicking “Contact” on the dial in the upper right corner of the page.