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Hands-off Confidence HTF Engine MX

Duncan Aviation Engine Services Has a Sustained Service Re-Entry Rate Less Than 1%.

Tim Renner, DOM of RLC (Resort Lifestyle Communities), has the utmost confidence in Duncan Aviation. The company’s Challenger 300 took off to Iceland within days after the completion of the 4,000 hour inspection and compliance of three Honeywell Service Bulletins on the aircraft’s HTF7000 engines. They have been flying squawk-free ever since.

RLC builds and manages luxury lifestyle retirement communities all over the United States. There are currently 15 RLC locations fully operational with 28 more under construction to meet the growing demand for this all-inclusive lifestyle living.

It’s understandable then why RLC puts a lot of flight time on its Challenger 300 in order to keep up with the rapidly expanding business. And it is a very demanding flight schedule with very little downtime available for maintenance. So when it becomes necessary, Tim calls Duncan Aviation.

“I have a great relationship with Duncan Aviation,” he says. “They perform such high-quality work; I don’t need to look elsewhere.”

MSP Support

Jamie Wilson, Duncan Aviation Engine Service Sales Rep, represented RLC right away, working hard with MSP to get all of the SBs (Service Bulletins) approved while the engines were down for inspection. In addition to the 4,000 hour inspection, the engine techs changed the combustion chambers (SB 72-9044), W5 wire harness (SB 76-9013), and performed the (SB 72-9064) to prevent bypass duct corrosion.

“I really appreciated her efforts to make that (MSP communication) happen,” says Tim.

The results of the borescope required the blades to be sent to Honeywell for three weeks. Jamie kept RLC flying by securing rental engines from the Duncan Aviation engine rental pool and other industry resources.

“The entire event went really smoothly. It was seamless, because they did all the legwork,” says Tim. “Working with MSP, getting rental engines lined up, working with billings, getting parts shipped. It made it very hands-off for me, which made it kind of nice.”


Tim Renner, DOM of RLC, meets with Duncan Aviation’s Honeywell Tech Rep Shawn Schmitz to discuss his engine inspection.

Technical Proficiency

Just because Tim was hands-off didn’t mean he wasn’t informed. He kept in close contact with Shawn Schmitz, Duncan Aviation’s Honeywell Tech Rep, to talk through any issues and what they were doing about them. “It was very much a team effort on Duncan Aviation’s part,” says Tim. “Everyone who had hands on my engines was able to talk me through what was happening and what I could expect. I appreciated being able to talk to anyone involved with the project and find out what I needed to know.” He went on to say that gives him confidence that everyone was well-trained and capable. 

Tim also mentioned that seeing how Duncan Aviation’s skilled team of engine technicians handled this inspection raises his confidence level when it comes time to make decisions about larger airframe inspections.

“Duncan Aviation is one of a few MROs that specialize in nearly everything I need for my aircraft. They are a one-stop-shop for airframe, engine, interior, or paint, or ADS-B…they can do it.” 

 And he trusts the Duncan Aviation technicians.

“I just watched our Challenger take off on a flight over the ocean on its first flight out of maintenance,” Tim says. “If that’s not confidence, I don’t know what is.” 

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