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Upgraded TDR-94Ds Installed in Piaggio P-180

tdr94-bannerOur Sacramento, California, Satellite recently upgraded a Rockwell Collins TDR-94D for a Piaggio Avanti P-180, bringing the aircraft into ADS-B compliance.

Using the AML-STC for Part 23 aircraft developed by CMD Flight Solutions, the team in Sacramento upgraded the TDR-94D, installed an annunciator, and rewired the inputs for the GPS, replacing the GPS 4000A with the much more accurate GPS 4000S WAAS (Wide-Area Augmentation System) sensor.

Although Sacramento Satellite Manager Bob Hazy initially planned for a full two weeks, the shop is working on its second Piaggio upgrade now, and they’ve reduced the turntime. With enough advanced notice, he says the shop can perform the upgrade and installation in a week.

The STC covers the following Part 23 aircraft that have Pro Line 21 equipment: Piaggio, King Air, Beechcraft Premier and Textron (500 series Citations). Some of the earlier P-180s had a single transponder installed, and Duncan Aviation can install a dual transponder upgrade on those aircraft. The dual installation takes slightly longer, so plan on approximately three weeks of downtime for that option.

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