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Introducing Two New Duncan Boys

I was born into business aviation, and there is no place I would rather be. Growing up around the airport and Duncan Aviation, I watched my grandfather (Donald Duncan) and father (J. Robert Duncan) at work at the family business. As I matured, I readily became absorbed in their quest to come alongside customers and deliver superior services that help clients reach their goals.


Now, as a third-generation Duncan, I spend a lot of my time planning for the future. I believe I have a responsibility to continue to move the company forward. In doing so, I get to explore opportunities and potential in terms of generations, not quarters.

That is partly why I am so excited to share that in December we celebrated the birth of two new Duncan boys to our family. On December 7th, my son P.K. and his wife Katie had their second boy, Banks Wiley. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and he looks an awful lot like his older brother, Kanan, who is now approaching two and loves to run! Then, in the late evening of December 26th, my other son Harrison and his wife Brooke had their first child, Charles Harrison. At just over 6 ½ pounds, he was tiny and cute with blonde hair!


Both names have family ties to them when you explore the Duncan family history:
• John Wiley Duncan, who passed away in 1947, was my Grandpa Donald’s grandfather, or my great-great grandfather.
• Charles Spurgeon Duncan, who passed away in 1975, was my Grandpa Donald’s father, or my great-grandfather.

Family means a lot to us at Duncan Aviation. I am excited to watch my grandsons grow and look forward to showing them off and around with our extended Duncan Aviation family, which includes our 3,000+ team members, valued partners, and longtime customers.


Todd Duncan
Board of Directors Chairman