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Satellites Innovate to Meet Needs


The Duncan Aviation Satellite network was developed in 1985 when Robert Duncan had the idea of partnering with FBOs to provide customers with high-quality avionics services closer to where they hangar their aircraft.
Since then, Duncan Aviation’s Satellite network continues to meet customer and industry needs by introducing new services.

Calibrations in the Field

A couple of years ago, Duncan Aviation researched the possibility of offering tool calibration services at several Satellite avionics shops, similar to our calibration offerings in Lincoln, Nebraska, but on a smaller scale. Our goal is to have trained technicians and calibration standards in several facilities so we can calibrate torque wrenches, multimeters, crimpers, and other tools used in aviation maintenance.

This service is now offered at Duncan Aviation’s Satellite Shop in Sacramento, California.
“The service is available to anyone in the Sacramento area who needs an annual calibration of any of the tooling we maintain,” says Manager of Satellite Operations Matt Nelson. “For the time being, we’re focused on the tools most commonly found in a maintenance technician’s toolbox.”

Duncan Aviation U

On-the-job training is another area of innovation for Duncan Aviation’s Satellites. As with many business aviation facilities, the Duncan Aviation Satellites are actively seeking technicians. Although experience is always a great thing to have, we’re well aware of the realities of today’s tight labor market. As a result, the Duncan Aviation Satellite network started an on-the-job training program. If someone has a great attitude with some mechanical ability and is interested in a career installing and repairing aircraft avionics, this program may be a great fit.

Matt says, “There are basically two requirements: Some mechanical aptitude and a desire to learn.”

While in the program, new technicians spend several months training at the Duncan Aviation facility in Lincoln and a few more months job shadowing and working alongside the skilled technicians at our Satellite in Houston, Texas.

“The idea is to commit to one of the Satellites that needs a technician, and after training, join the team there,” says Matt. “This gives the new techs on-the-job training and provides our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s continuity among all of our facilities, and that our technicians learn from the start how we do things at Duncan Aviation.”

Jordan Loniero joined the Duncan Aviation team at the Van Nuys, California, Satellite nearly five years ago. He worked as an install technician, and he decided to become an Avionics Tech.

“It’s definitely a great resource, and I’ve met such great people in Lincoln,” says Jordan. “Although it has the look of a big company, it has the feel of a small, family- owned business. When I’m working and learning, I see the members of the senior team walking around, laughing and talking with everyone on the floor. They make you feel like you belong.”

Jordan heard about Duncan Aviation from his dad, Rennie Loniero, Manager of the Van Nuys Satellite Shop.

“I grew up visiting my dad at work and always had an interest in aviation. I thought the opportunity was out of reach,” says Jordan. “When my dad told me about the training, I jumped at the chance. I have a wife and child at home, so I was definitely looking for a long-term career, at a company with room for advancement.”

Now, Jordan’s five-year-old son Rowan loves going to work with him, too, so he can hang out with his daddy and grandpa.

“He always says, ‘I’m going to grow up and work on airplanes,’” laughs Jordan.

After six weeks in Lincoln, Jordan returned to California, and on April 1, he joined the team at Duncan Aviation’s Satellite in Houston for more training.

“It was pretty cool going to Lincoln and learn what I could at the mothership!” says Jordan. “It’s hard and there’s a lot to learn, but it’s worth it. I love this company. It’s family oriented, and they take care of everyone. I’ve even told all my friends about it, and one of them, Raul Gonzalez, started at Van Nuys two years ago!”