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Keeping Promises Creates Happy Customers


In mid-2023, Eric took his CL 850 to the Duncan Aviation facility in Battle Creek, Michigan. Eric’s 83-year-old father, Joe, has a background in private aviation and helped manage the project. He has dealt with hundreds of service centers, but until last year, had never gone to Duncan Aviation.

“From the day we first spoke to the sales rep until the day our plane left Duncan Aviation’s facility in Battle Creek, I’d give your company a solid 10 out of 10,” Joe says. “I’m saying that honestly and not to fill your head up with nice things. You gave us what we asked for and you hit every deadline target. Your company gave 150%.”

Finding Time in Busy Schedules

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The aircraft was new to Eric, and the interior was impeccable. The plane only had 400 hours on it when it was purchased in Singapore. Because of the strict Asian Covid quarantine protocols, the previous owner could not fly the aircraft, and it had been sitting outside in harsh conditions for more than a year. It needed full, exterior paint and US versions of Wi-Fi and power outlets.

Eric and Joe had lined up work with a different service center, but after a long series of delays, they decided to pivot. They called a good friend at Cirrus Aviation in Las Vegas, Nevada, and asked if he had any recommendations.

The Director of Maintenance at Cirrus Aviation knew a Completions & Modifications Sales Rep at Duncan Aviation, and he called on Eric’s behalf.

We had no openings in Lincoln, or in Provo, Utah, but there was an immediate opening in Battle Creek. They were happy to get the immediate time slot, and they didn’t mind going to Battle Creek.

Excellent Communication

Their Project Manager, Nate Badger, kept the lines of communication open.

“Communication and progress updates are key when a project has a carrying cost of this magnitude, and the Duncan Aviation team did not go more than two days without a status phone call or email. I think you guys run a perfect ship. We moved our aircraft to Battle Creek, and on Day 1, there were already teams working on it. You promised to deliver it on July 21, and we got it on July 21,” says Joe.

On a project of this size, there are always issues. There was never a case of “This went wrong, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” The calls Joe and Eric received were “Joe, we’ve encountered this issue, and here’s our plan to fix it.” Joe and Eric were never left hanging. There was always a plan that Nate communicated clearly, and Duncan Aviation’s teams swiftly executed every step.

Meeting Deadlines

As a businessman, Eric understands cashflow, and with an airplane that has a $200k per month carrying cost, respecting deadlines while delivering quality work was the most important thing to them. They saw first-hand that Duncan Aviation respects customers’ time and does all we can to meet target project dates.

“Duncan Aviation works to keep its customers happy so they will come back in the future. Part of that comes from Duncan Aviation’s happy employees,” Eric says. “They treated us like friends, and by the end of the project, they felt like extended family.”

Joe and Eric believe that sometimes, things happen for the best. “We took our airplane to Duncan Aviation, and Duncan Aviation delivered a perfect product on the date they promised. What more could you ask for?”