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Decrypting ".AERO"



When it comes to our websites, perhaps it's best to talk in terms of cars. Remember that old beater with the bad transmission and the flat tire we had parked out front? Gone. Scrapped. Food for the compactor. Taking it's place is a modest vehicle that offers new features and more amenities for the comfort of our customers.

When you pop the hood, you'll notice a few differences. New menus make for better navigation. The "Contacts" link offers improvements like a comprehensive directory, facilities pages and key contacts. For the interior we've added sidebar menus to make those lists of details a bit easier to find (including pertinent contacts). A homepage ad showcases Duncan-related deals, announcements and cooperative efforts. And thanks to Google, our site search works like it never has before.

The dynamics behind the web are about as complicated as restoring and modernizing a classic Bel Air. In a nutshell, we've added some specialists to our pit crew, we've changed garages, and we're looking at some major overhauls in the near future. But with everything that's new, perhaps the most striking difference is where we've got it parked.

When you type in our old address, you?ll notice that the ".com" becomes ".aero." This change happened in concert with Duncan Aviation's first step toward making more services available to customers through the internet.

The recent release of Duncan's Online Item Approval System (myDuncan.aero) brings project management to a new level of convenience for customers. No matter where customers live or what time zone they work out of, access to their most recent item approvals and project updates is never more than a few clicks away. And it's just the beginning. More projects are planned for enhancements in the years to come.

As for ".aero," the address is limited for use by aviation-related organizations. When our plans for moving to a more paperless approach began to take shape, the Marketing Team decided ".aero" better represents what we do as a company...with our focus set on service, not just commerce. But not to worry. The ".com" address will always get you were you need to go, and our e-mail addresses haven't changed.

The web is always in a state of change. While we've got some sharp minds behind our new site, we're always curious to know where you want it to go and what will make it better.

Stop by and visit us every now and again at DuncanAviation.aero just to see what we're up to.