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«Summer 2009

Falcon 50 Completion


The Duncan Design Collection Falcon 50 interior features an all new shell package that improves passenger comfort by providing an increase of 1 1/4” of additional seated headroom.The significant increase in seated headroom is apparent above the seats in the shape of the Duncan designed PSU (passenger service unit) panels. The cabin headliner, PSU panels, window panels, lights, airvents and O2s are all new, and includes LED wash lighting.

The new Duncan Design Collection drinkrails and tables feature lightweight Enflite table mechanisms with a radiused table enclosure design. The custom window shade handles, table handles and storage compartment lids continue the sweeping radiused Duncan styling.


Starburst veneer design with plated inlay and contrasting veneer on the perimeter.


Duncan Design detailing.


Modified galley with new counter and oval latches to update the design.


Duncan designed figure eight cupholders and new passenger controls including a custom bracket to angle the control screen for improved passenger viewing.