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Engineering & Certification Services Projects

In January 2017, we launched a program that made our highly regarded Engineering & Certification Services available for projects throughout the aerospace industry. This program expanded those services to include a team dedicated solely to supporting external requests.

“Since then, Duncan Aviation’s Engineering & Certification Service team has helped eight companies work through certification projects to develop and amend STCs,” says Shawn Carraher, Manager of Certification Programs with Duncan Aviation. “We have provided vital subject matter expertise and guidance to help these companies get their products certified and available in the aerospace market.”

For more than 20 years, our team members have worked on aircraft systems and structures and approved design changes for interior/airframe modifications and system installations and upgrades with an exemplary history of safety and compliance. Collectively, our Engineering & Certification teams have more than 1,269 years of engineering and aviation experience, which allows them to recognize, manage, and mitigate risk for customers for timely and efficient project completions. And in the last three years alone, the Engineering & Certification teams at Duncan Aviation have issued or amended 31 STCs.