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An International Nesting Ground


If there is one thing an international customer wants, it’s efficiency. International customers in particular prefer to have everything handled at the facility they choose, not sent out to dozens of shops. They want options for their workscope and the best technical people in the industry handling their aircraft. International governments want a U.S. partner they can rely on; one that understands their particular needs. Maybe that’s why Duncan Aviation’s international business has more than quadrupled over the last several years. We meet the needs of our international friends.

There are many aircraft that operate outside the U.S. They are highly prized tools of governments as well as business. They transport dignitaries, perform military operations and fly government officials all over the world. Because Duncan Aviation had the insight years ago to organize an international marketing division and install a dedicated Government Programs department that works with governments worldwide, the company has the ability to work effectively in the international arena. Duncan Aviation has worked with the governments of Egypt, Norway, South Africa, Venezuela and others to help maintain their Falcon aircraft. These governments and many businesses have used Duncan Aviation’s top-rated services in airframe maintenance and inspections, engines, interiors, paint, avionics installations (Glass Box) and Parts, Components and Services (PCS).

Because Duncan Aviation does business in more than 90 different countries, we have the experience it takes to work with our many international customers. Confidence is a word that means a lot to an international customer. Operators throughout the world have confidence in Duncan Aviation because our international marketing expertise understands the intricate diversity of cultures around the planet. So whether your title includes being the King and Queen of Norway, a government official of the Arab Republic of Egypt or the Chief Pilot of ConAgra, Duncan Aviation is at your service!

Foreign Falcon Connections

Norwegian Air Force (3-Falcon 20s)

  • A- through C-Checks completed in-house
  • Complete paint
  • Major Avionics upgrades: MODE-S transponders, TCAS, UNS Dual Flight Management System, ELT installations and RSVM
  • Major technical data support project (15 months)
    • Re-write of technical manuals to comply with Norwegian operating manual requirements
    • Validation of all electrical systems requiring mapping of all circuit breaker routings and updating electrical drawings to ATA format

Egyptian Air Force (3-Falcon 20s)

  • Major Avionics upgrades: UNS, TCAS, EGPWS, SATCOM, ELT, radios
  • Worldwide AOG support: TFE731 engines shipped same day with Duncan Aviation technicians making the repairs in Cairo, Egypt
  • All "depot" (heavy maintenance) work completed at Duncan Aviation headquarters in Lincoln according to OEM standards since 2000; under contract through 2013

Venezuelan Air Force (Falcon 50)

  • C-Check with extensive corrosion

South African Air Force (2-Falcon 50s) Presidential Support

  • Pro Line 21 installation
  • Full interior refurbishment
  • Complete paint