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Chairmen's Notes Fall 2007


Messages From The Chairmen

Note from J. Robert Duncan

Duncan Aviation is a truly dynamic company. I don’t say that because I have 50 years of intimate involvement; I say it because of the many people who have put so much of their lives into making it successful—past, present and future!

Over my tenure, thousands of people have been involved in the Duncan Aviation success story. Just as a team pulls on a rope in tug-of-war, so have our team members, each according to their talents, pulled against the many pitfalls, transitions and constantly changing environment of general aviation. And for 50 years, the flag in the middle of that rope has moved our way! Duncan Aviation has had and continues to have great leadership, innovative people and wonderful teamwork. It will get "better and better" into the future.

This year I will retire. However, I will keep my finger on the pulse of Duncan Aviation as a board member and Chairman Emeritus. As Todd becomes Chairman, it is a fabulous feeling knowing his deep aviation roots and commitment to Duncan Aviation. Todd has seen and experienced many of the same transitions that I have in my career. He has developed trust and firm relationships throughout the industry. He understands the importance of retaining quality people and teamwork. He possesses positive energy, a passion for flight and best of all is fully committed to direct our family’s involvement in Duncan Aviation. Todd has a great sense of how to serve customers and for many years now he has had his finger on the pulse of the industry.

Both Todd and I officially joined Duncan Aviation as teenagers. It seemed we were always involved in some form of service to the company. As an early teen, Todd often accompanied Donald on sales trips; while still in high school he was selling airplanes and for many years now, Todd has led our award-winning avionics and accessory areas. I am proud to say he is a lifelong learner.

The third generation of Duncan leadership for Duncan Aviation will be a truly remarkable generation, and one I’m confident will succeed beyond anything I can imagine.


J. Robert Duncan,

Note From D. Todd Duncan

General George Patton often said that he felt he was destined for great things. He devoted his life to the military in order to prepare himself for his destiny. In a similar way, I feel as though I’ve been preparing to be Chairman of Duncan Aviation all my life. I’ve devoted much of my life to learning all I can about aviation and to injecting myself into the industry we all serve. I firmly believe in the Core Values of Duncan Aviation, values my father and grandfather fused into the essence of the company. In short, I’ve grown up with Duncan Aviation and the aviation industry we proudly serve and I am confident Duncan Aviation is on the right course.

Part of my job going forward will be to maintain that course and to enhance the Duncan Aviation experience for customers, team members and our general industry. Some may think I’m a little young to be in the Chairman’s position, but Robert was only 26 when he slid into the left side of the cockpit and Donald had the greatest confidence in him. He guided Duncan Aviation through some unbelievable transitions and did a fantastic job. Now it will be my responsibility and I can assure everyone associated with Duncan Aviation that the values we hold dear, the trust built through our relationships and the direct family involvement won’t change!

I’ve grown up not only with Duncan Aviation, but with many of the team members here; we truly are just like family. It is such a great feeling to come to work each day and see so many people who all know each other and have for many years. That’s another Duncan Aviation secret, employee retention. Other companies ask: How do they do that? It’s simple. Just as Robert has said, we are a big extended family. People here will tell you that I rarely spend my days tied to a desk; I meander through the hangars and talk, not with employees and customers, but with friends. And just as my father and grandfather taught me these values, I’m now teaching the fourth generation!

I’m looking forward to my tenure as Chairman and to new and old relationships, both customer and extended Duncan Aviation family. Buckle up, it will be a grand ride!


D. Todd Duncan,