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Spring 2019-From the Chairman: Todd Duncan


During the week of January 14, 2019, there were 21 new team members in Lincoln, Nebraska's orientation class, 12 in Battle Creek, Michigan, and 19 in Provo, Utah.

Chairman Todd Duncan attends every new team member orientation he can. He feels it's important to meet new team members and share the passion and love he has for the industry.

I love to give facility tours to customers, vendors, and industry professionals when they visit one of our full-service facilities. The reaction is always the same. At some point, they exclaim, “Wow! I had no idea!”

They had no idea…

  • We provide so many services
  • We service so many aircraft at a time
  • We have 35 AOG engine Rapid Response techs positioned at 17 launch locations, ready to travel worldwide
  • We have 140 avionics techs located at 27 shops and workaway locations across the US
  • We provide 24/7 worldwide parts support
  • We provide engineering and certification services to the industry
  • We keep our facilities sparkling clean and organized
  • We continually re-invest in our tooling, facilities, and people
  • We have a friendly, fun, and compassionate culture
  • We provide Aircraft Sales and Acquisition consulting services

For years, we have talked about the best way to share our capabilities, services, and culture with others. So when our marketing team asked team members in every department to keep track of what they did on a typical day during the week of January 14, 2019, I immediately saw the rationale.

This issue of the Duncan Debrief is chock-full of information about that week. In it, you will find various infographics that show the breadth of our services, the number of business aircraft we touched, the global nature of our business, and the lengths we go to support our customers and keep them flying.

So spend a little time. I’m sure there are things in here that will make you say, “Wow! I had no idea!”