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When acquiring or upgrading a business aircraft, selecting the right make/model is one of your most important decisions. Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team can help you narrow your selection by guiding you through a mission profile analysis and model comparison. Call our team today at +1 402.479.8108.

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Why the sporty red paint? Back in 2019, Duncan Aviation painted the owner’s Phenom 100 Ferrari red to match his Ferrari collection. We recently gave his Legacy 500 a similar makeover, with an interior highlighted by a natural stone cambria flooring, quilted pattern on the seats and divan, and carbon fiber hydrodipped drink rails, tables, and accent pieces. It also received avionics upgrades consisting of a new monitor, touchscreen, HDMI ports, USB ports, Gogo AVANCE L5, and CMS.

If you decide to sell your aircraft, “Completed by Duncan Aviation” adds value! Bring your aircraft to the experts.

Download Duncan Aviation’s Quick Reference Model/Market Summary www.DA.aero/market-sum

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