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Duncan Aviation Adds Satellite Shops

As a result of increasing customer requests, Duncan Aviation has continued to open new Satellite facilities. In April 2022, Duncan Aviation opened its newest Satellite workaway station in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Some people may be asking, “Why Nashville?” 

“During the 10 years I’ve been visiting customers in the Nashville area, I’ve listened as they expressed their needs. Consistently, they talked about how we could make a difference in the area,” says Engine Service Sales Rep Joe “Tulo” Tulowitzki. “The piece of the puzzle that was missing for them was an avionics repair shop. After sharing this information with leaders at Duncan Aviation, we put together a regional Town Hall meeting and asked our customers for their input. 

“The result is that our shop at the Nashville International Airport has location going for it. It’s in close proximity to many cities, including Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; and Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama. There’s a good presence of business aviation customers within 300 miles of the Nashville International Airport,” Joe says, “not to mention it’s the country music capital of the world!”

Duncan Aviation’s closest Satellite Shops are located in St. Louis, Missouri, which is 315 miles away, and Atlanta, Georgia, which is 250+ miles away. 

“We’re opening this shop because we listened to our customers and know we are filling a void in avionics repairs, services, and installations in the area,” says Joe.

Having spent nearly five years working with Duncan Aviation Satellite customers in Southern California, Crew Leader Joe Vittling is looking forward to connecting to customers in this new shop.

“I am very excited and blessed to help start-up the Nashville shop alongside Ed Reeve, the St. Louis Satellite Shop Manager. I am looking forward to bringing the quality and excellent service Duncan Aviation is known for to the middle-Tennessee area,” says Joe. “As Tulo mentioned, there has always been a lack of avionics support for business jets in this area, so I am excited about the opportunity to meet the customers and grow this shop.”

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