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The safety of our skies has relied upon the same analog-based equipment for nearly 80 years. In the early 1990s, the FAA proposed changes that would transition the air-traffic control infrastructure from analog-based technology to today's highly accurate, digital terrestrial and satellite systems.

Collectively referred to as NextGen (Next Generation Air Transportation System), these initiatives will do far more than provide air-traffic controllers with greater accuracy when tracking air traffic. There are numerous benefits for owner/operators, too. Aircraft equipped with NextGen components will experience more efficient takeoffs and landings as air-traffic controllers prioritize aircraft with more accurate communication and tracking systems. Flying the NATs (North Atlantic Tracks) and most of the North Atlantic region now requires FANS 1/A+, and the NATs provide a more fuel-efficient route with less turbulence. Burning less fuel diminishes the impact to the environment, too.

Duncan Aviation is proud to serve as an information resource for our customers. We’ve developed this page to provide quick, easy-to-understand information on NextGen initiatives, including:

  • FANS 1/A+, CPDLC & ADS-C
  • TCAS II 7.1
  • ADS-B Out

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