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Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Upgrade

When you consider the cost of upgrading your avionics equipment and are tempted to take advantage of the exemption, be sure to weigh the following factors and remember that you’ll usually be flying these routes at night.

Without the upgrade, you will:

  • Fly outside the six, optimal tracks
  • Use more fuel per trip, increasing costs
  • Fly less safe routes—less situational awareness from flying crowded routes at night, relying solely on sight as opposed to air-traffic control (ATC) guidance
  • Experience flight delays—priority is given to aircraft that are in compliance

If you go with the upgrade, here are a few of the benefits—tangible and intangible:

  • Faster flight times—priority given to aircraft in compliance
  • Use one of the six North Atlantic tracks (NAT), increasing fuel efficiency and time
  • Enhance safety with constant pings from ATC 

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