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Let's Chat: Worldwide Parts Transactions in an Instant


 “It’s a Small World” is no longer just a popular Disney song and attraction. It also accurately describes the world in which we live…small. We can thank technology for that.

Technology has had a major impact on how we live. Not only is the world smaller, but life moves faster, too. Things that once took hours or days to complete can be done in seconds. And communication has changed along the way. Long gone are the glory days of “snail mail,” and it could be argued that email isn’t fast enough anymore.

It is this life of convenience that feeds our desire for immediate access. If information is not instantly available, we move on and look elsewhere. In response, Duncan Aviation now provides immediate access to the information you need with Live Chat.

Live Chat is an instant message window providing immediate access to a Duncan Aviation parts and rotables expert who is able to answer questions and provide customers with fast parts quotes.

Duncan Aviation’s Parts & Rotables has always boasted 24-hour service every day of the year. The phones are always answered by a real person, no matter what time of day or night. The same people who answer the phones and conduct business are the same people who monitor the Live Chat windows. Chatters are not sent to a third party chat center.

Since this new feature was launched in January of 2013, customers have contacted us through 1,128 chat sessions from 82 countries. Its popularity continues to grow, especially with international customers in time zones around the world. And those who use it once enjoy the immediate response and typically use it again and again. 

Salutations to Service in 10 Minutes!

Buying aircraft parts cannot get much easier than with Live Chat. Within just a few minutes, we can gather all the information we need and have your aircraft part on its way out the door. The following is an example of a live chat: