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Bombardier Global Express

Before & After

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Inspired by the owner’s expectations of creating a high-end automotive experience coupled with sleek, simple lines, Duncan Aviation Senior Designer Mary Lee transformed the interior of this Bombardier Global Express from its traditional, outdated neutral environment to one of modern luxury. In order to create a truly unique environment for the owner, the design concept began by incorporating blue carbon fiber and painted cabinetry in place of traditional wood veneer. The blue carbon fiber served as the unifying element to achieve balance throughout the cabin and the focal point on the bulkhead dividers.

Entryway & Galley

“As you walk up the Duncan Aviation-designed stainless and neoprene entry steps, the custom blue LED illuminated wine cabinet is a stunning preview of what is to come,” says Senior Completions & Modifications Sales Rep Tracey Boesch.

“The galley function and look was especially important to our client,” says Senior Completions Designer Mary Lee. “His passion for fine wines and gourmet cooking became an inspiration for the final design.”

Sleek, Modern Interior

“It was important to incorporate the owner’s preference for a sleek, modern interior with a flair unique to his tastes in high-end automobiles. This was accomplished by using non-traditional finishes such as blue carbon fiber, brushed aluminum mixed with highly polished chrome, silver metallic painted cabinetry and granite,” says Mary.

Design Details

No detail was overlooked. From the angled touch screen bezels to the chrome inlay details numerous custom parts were designed and manufactured by our in-house fabrication team to meet our customer’s expectations. Blue LED-illuminated cup holders, an exclusive Duncan Aviation design, were incorporated into the drinkrail to work in conjunction with the ambient blue floor lighting to add to the overall experience.


“This was an exciting and challenging project that required close collaboration with design, engineering and the entire modifications team. From the initial design concept to final production, we created and delivered an outstanding and unique product that exceeded our customer’s expectations,” says Cabinet Shop Team Lead Steve Rosenow.