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Engine Services In Mexico

Duncan Aviation Mexico Crate

Duncan Aviation Engine Services Head South of the U.S. Border

In a move to meet the growing needs of business aircraft operators south of the United States border, Duncan Aviation packed some bags, or rather turbine engine crates, for a stay in Mexico. We have made a significant investment to stage critical tooling and turbine engine support equipment in Mexico to ensure we are ready to respond to an operator’s most common and urgent requests.

Rodolfo Rodriguez

Rodolfo Rodriguez Zapata
Regional Manager-Mexico
Direct: +52 55.5584.4589
Mobile: +52 55.3625.6082

Rodolfo Rodriguez Zapata, Duncan Aviation Regional Manager in Mexico, says the area is looking for more options for quick AOG engine support. “It is not unusual for operators to wait up to five days before an engine technician can get onsite to assess an AOG issue. And then they have to wait some more if the right equipment is not available or the engines need to be removed and shipped to the United States for repair.” 

According to James Prater, Duncan Aviation’s Manager of Turbine Engine Services, the delay in response to Mexico is not because his team does not have the personnel or capacity to respond quickly, but rather due to the regulations that govern bringing engine crates, tooling and equipment into Mexico. “We are able to move technicians and computers quickly in and out of the country. But it can take up to three days for our tools and equipment to be cleared to cross the border.”

With this advanced staging of equipment, now when the AOG calls come in, all Duncan Aviation engine technicians need to grab is a computer and toolbox and they’re on their way.

48 Hour Promise

This quick AOG service is a great benefit for us and operators flying in and to Mexico. No other company like Duncan Aviation is here providing anything like it.”
-Mr. Ricardo Marcos, CEO Monterrey Jet Center

Because engines and APUs have the ability to ground an aircraft, Duncan Aviation is working closely with two of the largest FBOs in Mexico to be responsive and available to their customers: Monterrey Jet Center, located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and Aerolineas Ejecutivas, located in Toluca, Mexico.

With tool availability and new partnerships in place, Duncan Aviation promises to have Rodolfo or a member of his team onsite with the aircraft within 48 hours of receiving an AOG call. During this early assessment, they are able to determine what happened, take photos and figure out who and what needs to be there. And, if necessary, an engine technician and tools will be onsite within 72 hours.

Mr. Ricardo Marcos, Monterrey Jet Center’s CEO, says this move signifies Duncan Aviation’s commitment to operators in this region and those flying to the region. “Our customers have been in great need of fast turbine engine support. This quick AOG service is a great benefit for us and operators flying in and to Mexico. No other company like Duncan Aviation is here providing anything like it.”

Rodolfo believes business aircraft operators in Mexico are now receiving the best qualified engine services available in country. “We’ll be there when they need us, in country and on their airfield before, during and after any service event.”