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NextGen STC's

left until the FAA ADS-B Deadline!

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Gary Harpster

Gary Harpster

The FAA proposed and later mandated initiatives to update the air-traffic infrastructure to take advantage of today’s affordable, highly accurate digital terrestrial- and satellite-based systems. Known as NextGen mandates, these initiatives will provide air traffic control with greater tracking accuracy and real-time communications, which will benefit owner/operators with increased safety and flight efficiency.

“To ensure that our customers are able to meet the mandated deadlines, Duncan Aviation continually works with our channel partner OEMs to develop ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) and other NextGen solutions for business aircraft,” says Mark Francetic, Duncan Aviation’s Regional Avionics Sales Manager and NextGen expert.

Duncan Aviation prides itself on its ability to remain on the cutting edge of technology and, at the time of this printing, has secured FAA approval for and has access to 48 STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) for multiple NextGen solutions for the following components:

  • ADS-B Out
  • TCAS II 7.1

In order to continue to outfit our customers’ aircraft with the most cost-effective equipment available for the 2020 NextGen mandates, Duncan Aviation formed a NextGen business development team to study the industry for partnerships that will result in STCs.

Among the recent STCs to secure FAA approval is #ST01810WI for ADS-B Out for Citation 560/560XL/Ultra/Encore aircraft that are equipped with Honeywell’s Primus radio system. We’ve also issued an STC for ADS-B Out for Hawker 800/800XPs that are similarly equipped with the Primus radio system.

“Using the current, integrated Honeywell Primus system, the upgrade requires adding a stand-alone GPS receiver, which is a highly cost-effective solution,” says Avionics Sales Representative Gary Harpster.

In addition to seeking out viable equipment and developing STCs, Duncan Aviation has been holding free NextGen seminars for the past several years. Mark, together with our channel partners, spends the day bringing attendees up to speed on the latest information about the mandates and which equipment is available for various makes and models of aircraft.

Visit the Duncan Aviation NextGen landing page (www.DuncanAviation.aero/nextgen) to see the mandate deadlines and a searchable database that lists STCs available by aircraft make/model.

Alterations Planning Engineer Mark Pawlowski continually updates the searchable STC database. In addition to the 48 STCs Duncan Aviation holds or has access to, the company works on a situational basis to secure EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) validation for the NextGen STCs we hold. 

Duncan Aviation NextGen Solutions

Visit Duncan Aviation’s NextGen landing page to view a searchable database that lists STCs available by aircraft make/model.

“Duncan Aviation holds or has access to 33 solutions for ADS-B, which allows us to perform upgrades on over 100 aircraft model variations. Additionally, the company holds or has access to FANS solutions for 15 aircraft models,” says Mark Pawlowski.

The NextGen page also provides answers to FAQs, a contact list of Duncan Aviation experts who can give quotes and an events list that shows where the NextGen seminars will be held throughout 2016, as well as information on how to register.