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Celebrating 60 Years

2016 is a special year. Thanks to you.

  • 60th Anniversary
    60th Anniversary
  • Donald Duncan
    Donald Duncan
  • Duncan Line Services 1963
  • Avionics and Instruments 1966
    1966-Avionics and Instruments
  • Accessories 1978
  • Harry Barr
    Harry Barr
  • Interiors Jeannine Falter 1981
    Jeannine Falter-1981-Interiors
  • Parts 1984
  • Interiors Matt Spain 1981
    Matt Spain-1981-Interiors
  • Satellites 1985
  • Robert Duncan
    Robert Duncan
  • Kal-Aero 1998
    1998-Kal-Aero Battle Creek, Michigan

2016 marks Duncan Aviation’s 60th year of providing business aircraft operators with safe, efficient, and high-quality services.

In 1956, Duncan Aviation was started by Donald Duncan when he bought into a Beechcraft distributorship in Omaha, Nebraska, and started selling aircraft. Donald was an excellent businessman who believed in strong relationships. He took the time to get to know his customers and to listen to their requests. He then responded in ways that always helped clients achieve more and that sometimes transformed his company and even the business aviation industry.

We want to thank our customers for being an integral part of Duncan Aviation’s innovation and growth over the last six decades. You see, customer requests have been the essence of that growth. Our clients have come to us with requests for new services and ideas about how to better meet their needs. Our team members have then collaborated and responded, adding capabilities, services, features, and amenities.

Duncan Aviation wouldn’t have the comprehensive tip-to-tail service offerings we now provide without specific customer requests. We wouldn’t offer our satellite avionics services or our Rapid Response in-field engine services. We wouldn’t offer a comprehensive online project management and approval system called myDuncan. And we wouldn’t have 24/7/365 parts support if we hadn’t listened to customers and acted on their requests.

As we celebrate some of the milestones of our history, we continue to keep an eye to the future. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with customers and, together, develop solutions and services that create an even better environment for the operation of business aircraft.

We are thankful you are part of our team. Just ask. We’ll act.

—D. Todd Duncan, Chairman

—Aaron Hilkemann, President

Read about Duncan Aviation’s six decades of innovation and responsiveness at www.DuncanAviation.aero/60.