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Summer 2020-From the Chairman: Todd Duncan

Caring For Each Other


The world was turned upside-down this March when the World Health Organization characterized the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic and travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders were quickly implemented. During this time, it became clear that there were three priorities as we navigated the new business and social terrain.

1) We appreciate and support our team members and customers.
2) We care about the safety and health of our team members and customers.
3) We need to continue to support our customers as business aviation will be instrumental in helping the world meet and emerge from this challenge in the months and years to come.

We care about our team members and customers and have worked with our local health departments to implement new practices that allow us to safely continue to provide vital support services. Business aviation is critical to the world’s transportation infrastructure, providing access to general aviation airports that support local communities and businesses, support the world supply chain, and service humanitarian flights of time-sensitive supplies, medical and testing equipment, and organ donations. In addition, business aviation will provide peace of mind to travelers as businesses work through stabilization and recovery efforts.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to supporting you as together we lead economic recovery efforts.

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