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Boss Moves


Our paint experts at our headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, gave American rapper and record executive Rick Ross custom paint on his newly acquired Gulfstream G550.


From the initial conversation with Rick Ross, Senior Completions and Modifications Sales Rep Jeff Beaudette, Senior Lead Designer Mary Lee, and Associate Designer Hannah Caulkins, knew this aircraft would be all about ramp presence.

“He wanted a very unique, personalized design that makes a statement,” says Mary. “He wanted to incorporate his name on the plane and requested to use another color aside from white for the overall base.”

From there, Hannah and Mary researched Rick Ross to ensure they had a clear understanding of his brand.

“Purchasing this aircraft was a huge milestone for him and we recognized that,” explains Mary. “We wanted to make sure the paint scheme was reflective of this accomplishment. Throughout the process, he was super excited and easy to work with, all while being very complimentary of our work.”

Hannah says she enjoyed the opportunity to create such a specialized scheme, and knowing how thrilled he was with their final design concept was truly rewarding.


The Gloss Black and Pearl Gold two-tone base became the backdrop for ‘Rick Ross’ lettering that was strategically placed along the fuselage. Together, the Design team worked with the Paint Shop to create a custom, high-reflective gold for the lettering to achieve the desired high-impact effect.

Jeff suggested taking advantage of the view from the tail camera and adding ‘Biggest Boss’ to the backside of the engines. Duncan Aviation Paint Team Leader Brian Woolsey says no one knows the additional lettering is there until you see it displayed on the monitors from inside the aircraft. “It adds a unique element to the paint scheme,” explains Brian.

Duncan Aviation Paint Detail Team Leader Adam Barry said he is proud of the hard work and extra time his team put into this project, as it was not a typical paint application.

“We strive to make sure every aircraft that comes through Duncan Aviation exceeds our quality standards,” says Adam. “This was no exception.”


Duncan Aviation Project Manager Mason Minchow said Rick Ross was elated when he saw his aircraft for the first time, as he spent a great deal of time in front of the aircraft documenting the experience for his social media platforms.

“You could tell by his expressions how excited he was and how much this meant to him,” explains Mason.

Rick Ross said, “When you want to do it big, come to Duncan Aviation!”