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Satellites Support Customer Needs


Many of Duncan Aviation’s customers realized years ago that having a Duncan Aviation Satellite on a nearby airfield is a pretty good deal. Our Satellites are staffed with experienced, certificate-holding avionics technicians. Some have expanded service offerings to provide limited maintenance support and even battery services.

Several satellites, including Denver, Colorado (APA), and Houston, Texas (HOU), have taken on some really challenging projects recently. 


Since January 2022, the 25-member team at the Houston Satellite has touched approximately 1,200 aircraft. The facility, open since 1985, holds FAA CRS/OS and Mexican certification. The team provides full avionics installation, avionics line maintenance, and avionics support services.
Projects in Houston this year have included several installations of the Gogo AVANCE L5 Wi-Fi system, VIASAT Satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi, RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) for increased safety, numerous 411 and 413 checks, and some ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) checks. They also partnered with various vendors and Duncan Aviation’s Engineering & Certification Services to develop STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) and install the following equipment in aircraft:

• Honeywell Primus Elite in an Embraer Legacy 600
• Honeywell FANS/CPDLC (Future Air Navigation Systems/Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) in an Embraer Legacy 600
• Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion 21 with FANS/CPDLC for Hawkers
• Honeywell FMS (Flight Management System) with LPV & UNAV for Embraer Legacy 600
• Honeywell SVS (Synthetic Vision System) for Embraer Legacy 600
• Honeywell CC-701P Controllers—a Primus Elite Upgrade—for Embraer Legacy 600
• Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21 Fusion-equipped models for DFDRs (Digital Flight Data Recorders)

The Houston shop is also currently partnering with an industry OEM to produce two more STCs by the end of 2023.
As with most of the shops, the techs in Houston perform installations and repairs at the Duncan Aviation hangar, and they also take their expertise and tooling to the hangars of customers who want avionics work completed while their aircraft are already down for routine maintenance. 

(Houston Satellite team members featured on the front and back covers of the Duncan Debrief)


The Denver Satellite provides an array of avionics installation and line maintenance services and holds FAA CRS/OS and Mexico certificates. The 17-member team in Denver touched 1,310 aircraft in the last year. Among this year’s projects are the installation of a Gogo AVANCE L5 in a CL-300, two Gogo AVANCE L3s in a Pilatus PC-24 and a Citation 560, a Dual Garmin GTN-750 with a Remote Audio Panel in a Cessna 560, and two complete Garmin retrofits on a Pilatus PC-12.

The complete retrofit on the Pilatus PC-12 included the installation of a Garmin G600TXi, Dual GTN-750, remote audio panel, remote transponder, weather radar, and an engine monitoring display. The Dual Garmin GTN-750 installation added GPS, NAV, and COM to replace an outdated FMS that lacked those features.

In late 2023/early 2024, the Denver Satellite will also begin installing the Garmin G600TXi in a series of Citation 525 aircraft (525, 525A, and 525B). This Garmin STC, which is being developed now, will cover installation of dual 10.6-inch G600TXi displays, dual GTN-450 GPS (if needed), a single 7-inch Portrait Engine Display, the GFC-600 autopilot system, a GMA-350 Audio Panel, and GI-275 Standby instruments.

In addition, the technicians, quality inspector, and manager at the Denver Satellite are always busy performing IFR certifications, database upgrades, FDR/CVR downloads, ELT inspections, and general avionics troubleshooting.

Technicians frequently visit other shops on the airfield to do the work for customers in their own hangars, and about two years ago, the Denver Satellite added SWAT interior services to its lineup. The Duncan Aviation SWAT teams, which are at all three of the company’s main facilities as well, go through the aircraft and take care of small interior items that are not a part of the scheduled service. The reason is strictly aesthetics. Our teams touch up paint, spot-dye leather seats, and resew curtain glides to quickly give the interior a facelift.

Denver Satellite Avionics Install Team pictured above: (left to right) Satellite Manager Edduyn Pita, Install Specialist Douglas Riera, Install Specialist Juan Medina, Team Leader John Watson, Crew Leader Cameron Lazar, Install Specialist Julia Langford, and Install Specialist Stephen Backof

Satellites Have Robust Experience

Whether you have a large job or a more routine check or repair, don’t overlook Duncan Aviation’s network of Satellites that are literally located coast-to-coast. Below are four of our newest Satellites.

Aurora, Oregon

In July 2022, Duncan Aviation opened an additional fixed location in Aurora with space in the Charlie Hangar. Satellite Avionics Crew Lead Justin Weber has been performing two-year 91.411 and 91.413 pitot-static certifications, renewing transponder certifications, fixing dozens of unscheduled squawks for drop-in customers, installing avionics systems, and repairing wires for nearby customers on the ramp. This year, the shop was FAA-approved to add battery services to its growing list of offerings.
Seattle, Washington-based Regional Manager John Peterson visits customers throughout Oregon, and Portland, Oregon, Satellite Manager Jonathan Almeida has worked with Justin for many years now and is also available to answer questions and help with scheduling.

Bedford, Massachusetts

For the last several years, our Satellite in Bedford, located a short 30 miles from downtown Boston, has been humming along, performing a range of avionics installations. Experienced avionics technicians serve customers at the airport, visiting their hangars to do the work and service drop-in customers who need a particular issue resolved before their next flight.

Recently, customers entrusted the Bedford team with the installations of Gogo AVANCE L3 and L5 Wi-Fi systems. They’ve performed a Cert 5 upgrade on a Falcon 7X, FMS 6.1 upgrades, FDR/CVR (Flight Data Recorder/Cockpit Voice Recorder) downloads and analysis, mandatory SBs (Service Bulletins), and dealer contracts for HAPP and CASP.

Duncan Aviation customers in the New England area are well-served by Oxford, Connecticut, Satellite Manager Pete Marte, Regional Manager Vincent Antignani, and Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Rep Ann Pollard.

Manassas, Virginia

In May 2021, the FAA certified the Duncan Aviation Satellite in Manassas, Virginia, and Team Leader of Satellite Avionics Logan McCabe began serving customers in Chantilly Air’s newly completed Jet Center there, located just 30 minutes from downtown Washington, DC.

Major installation projects have included a GI-275 install, an upgrade to TCAS 7.1, installations of Gogo AVANCE L3 and L5 Wi-Fi systems, FDR/CVR downloads and analysis, dealer contracts through HAPP and CASP, and additional airframe support services are provided through the Duncan Aviation partnership with Chantilly Air.

Duncan Aviation customers in the mid-Atlantic region are likely familiar with Regional Manager Bill Otte, and he and Logan will be willing to answer any questions.

Nashville, Tennessee

July 2022 was also when Duncan Aviation received FAA authorization to open its Nashville Satellite, located in close proximity to Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; and Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama. The shop has been performing a range of avionics repairs, services, and installations for aircraft located at BNA as well as for drop-in customers. RRT (Rapid Response Team) Engine Technician Joshua Saran shares space at the shop with the avionics crew, so customers can expect an array of services.