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Need a Popular Avionics Upgrade? Consider a Duncan Aviation Satellite

Wherever our customers encounter the avionics technicians at Duncan Aviation—whether at one of our full-service facilities, any of our Satellites, or during an AOG situation—they can be confident they’re dealing with well-trained, qualified, experienced technicians.

The Sales and Installation teams at Duncan Aviation work hard to accommodate the needs of our customers, but with schedules tightening throughout the industry, demand for services has outpaced capacity. If you need avionics-only work, our Satellite network provides faster access without compromising expertise and support.

Here are a few examples of the breadth of work we’re doing at our Satellites around the United States.

Numbers listed below represent the number of satellite installations completed.

Garmin G600Txi
  • designed for high-performance piston or turboprop aircraft, the G600TXi replaces analog gauges to provide greater situational awareness and weight savings
  • 10.6- and/or 7-inch integrated touchscreen flight displays offer PFD (Primary Flight Display) and MFD (Multi-Function Display) functionality, can be scaled to include up to four displays
  • HSI map overlay increases pilot situational awareness, giving access to real-time weather and traffic
  • an integrated EIS (Engine Indication System) is optional
Garmin G1000 Nxi
  • incorporates two large 10.4-inch primary digital flight displays with synthetic vision and a 15-inch multifunction display that includes digital engine gauges, moving map, traffic, weather, and other important flight-related data
  • exceeds FAA’s requirements for ADS-B and enables WAAS LPV approaches
  • provides many improved flight data features while saving weight
  • stream audio and video, connect to video conferences, email large attachments, call and text with little latency
  • pilots can access in-flight and real-time flight deck apps and remote diagnostics
  • installed with provisions for the Gogo 5G network when available
  • provides in-flight connectivity through Gogo's LTE network, which will eventually replace Gogo's ATG 1000, 4000, 5000, and 8000 systems designed for aircraft of all types and sizes, but ideal for light-to-medium-sized aircraft
  • scalable with three configurations available: Core, Plus, and Max. State-of-the-art modem and router allow access to Gogo Text & Talk along with entertainment media server Gogo Vision
Honeywell CD-830
  • this CDU (Control Display Unit) adds enhanced visibility, high-resolution, digital display to the Honeywell FMZ-2000 FMS (Flight Management System)
  • with the same form factor as the CD-810 and CD-820, it’s a plug-and-play replacement, no modifications necessary
Honeywell DU-875 PEAF
  • for operators with Honeywell Primus Elite, PEAF (Primus Elite Advanced Features) offers upgrades to the DU-875 digital displays, replacing analog flight deck CRTs that allow pilots to see more chart and graphical weather information
  • additional features include SVS (Synthetic Vision System), TCAS overlay on enhanced moving map displays, and METAR weather reports
  • the PEEF (Primus Elite Enhanced Features) upgrade replaces all pre-DU-875 displays in the flight deck with DU-875 displays
Universal Avionics FMS WAAS LPV
  • pilots can use the FMS-LPV’s SBAS (Space-Based Augmentation System) WAAS/LPV for greater precision on approaches with improved accuracy both horizontally and vertically to within 12 inches
  • multiple approach indicators, greater flexibility in selecting airport, and access to smaller airports with reduced minimums
Honeywell LASEREF IV
  • the IRU (Inertial Reference Unit) is an all-digital RLG (Ring Laser Gyro) that provides outputs for ARINC 429 and standard aircraft communication buses
  • previous IRUs are now obsolete
  • weighs 35% less and is interchangeable with the LASEREF III with an adapter tray, so no modifications are necessary. Even better, LASEREF IV uses considerably less power than the previous versions

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