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Innovative Interior Thinking

Exploring new and innovative interior products is something Duncan Aviation does regularly. We work closely with industry partners to explore new and different design trends to ensure that they meet customer requests and wishes as those desires evolve.


Hydrographic Solutions

We are proud to offer hydrographic solutions for interior finishes. These solutions can be used on interior components, panels, accents, and even full cabinets, depending on their size. The capabilities open up a variety of aesthetic options for interior finishes without changing cabinet veneer, and looks can include wood grain, stone, metals, as well as custom designs. Some options allow shorter downtimes than traditional methods and are excellent solutions to cabinetry with settling finishes. The solutions also provide new finish options for countertops and sinks without weight restraints or engineering requirements.

Sales Manager Nate Klenke says, “Experimenting with and introducing interior finishes in new and creative ways is critical in providing relevant and interesting interior designs. Hydrographics create the ability to replicate a variety of textures and designs to an aircraft interior while providing a lightweight, durable finish at an incredible value compared to genuine materials like leather, stone, or wood veneer. Many times, the genuine products also create challenges with thickness and lack of flexibility, which add to the complexity during the construction and application phases of the refurbishment. Hydrographics nearly eliminate the need for special edge treatments and will cover the most complex shapes.”


Interior Manager Jared Stauffer adds, “Offering hydrographic solutions for interior finishes is an extra touch to meeting our customers’ needs. We are trying to widen our lens to more than what’s just in aviation. We consider what options and capabilities the customer has outside of their aircraft and look for ways to not only integrate those into their aircraft interior, but also make the experience special.”

More and more products are entering the market, and it’s important that we continue to be focused on researching all new innovations and understanding their possible applications in aviation. To do this, we like to reach outside the typical aviation product shows and attend others such as the International Woodworking Fair, Detroit Auto Show, and other transportation shows.

“It’s a more intentional approach to getting products that we already see out there into aviation and our portfolio at Duncan Aviation,” Jared explains.

Offering new and innovative solutions for interior finishes has been motivating in the shop, and Finish Shop Team Lead, Chris Nelson, has been a key in their implementation.

“Chris’ vision has been a big part of this. He gets excited about it, gets his team members excited about it, and has been a key in making this happen,” Jared says.

Chris says knowing about the new technologies is important, but exploring how they could be used in business aviation is just as critical. “We are trying to think outside of the box and do something different,” he says. “Yet we want to keep the customers’ best interests in mind. Giving them options for unique and new interior finishes for their aircraft is extremely important and can help them achieve an interior feeling previously not possible. Customers love custom, personalized interiors.”


Interchangeable table inlays can look like wood, stone, metal, or another custom design.

Mindset Is Critical

Duncan Aviation gives team members the freedom to be creative and look for new ideas.

“Our team members know if an idea has merit, we evaluate it and are willing to spend time and money on research and development,” Jared says.

In addition to offering hydrographic solutions, Duncan Aviation is offering spectra chrome graphics, vinyl wrap graphics, removable/interchangeable table inserts, and 3D patterning software.

Adding any one of these interior solutions is a way to add character and make an interior better match a customer’s personality through accentuation of high-end woodwork and materials. It all translates into greater flexibility for the customer and designers to incorporate interesting elements more efficiently and cost effectively.

“The bottom line is that Duncan Aviation receives lots of requests for one-of-a-kind, fully customizable interiors,” Chris says. “We seek creative solutions as we explore new and different design trends to ensure that we can meet customers’ requests and wishes, even before they know what those are.”

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