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Duncan Aviation & The Learjet


A Legacy built from the beginning that continues without end.

In 1963, the Bombardier Learjet*, known as the first affordable business aircraft, rolled out of production and took to the skies, laying the foundation of the business jet market. After nearly 60 years of production, the last to bear that name was delivered, closing out a storied legacy of high-performance, innovation, and celebrity.

Duncan Aviation is the longest-running family owned MRO to support the Learjet airframe from beginning to end.

Donald Duncan, the founder of Duncan Aviation, was a visionary and entrepreneur. He took chances and made deals, all with a handshake. Recognizing the value of the Learjet market, he led Duncan Aviation to become one of the original Learjet Aircraft Sales Distributors in 1963. Soon after, the company took possession of its first Learjet 23, lucky serial number 13. It was the first of what would ultimately become more than 1,000 jets Donald would sell. In his lifetime, he sold #13 five different times.

In 1967, Learjet airframe maintenance became a more significant part of Duncan Aviation’s future as the company shifted from being a sales distributor to one of the first independently owned Learjet Authorized Service Centers, a designation all three Duncan Aviation MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) facilities still hold today.    

“Duncan Aviation cut its aircraft sales and maintenance teeth on the Learjet,” says retired Senior Airframe Service Sales Rep Skip Laney. “We bought, sold, inventoried, inspected, repaired, supported, and sold thousands of parts for every Learjet model aircraft made.” 

In the years that followed, many overhaul and repair capabilities were added to support the Learjet aircraft. 

  • 1967 - stereo 8-track distributor
  • 1968 - autopilot overhaul and repair support
  • 1978 - accessory overhaul and repair support
  • 1980 - landing gear and stab actuator overhaul/test services
  • 1984 - starters repair support
  • 1991 - more Learjet stab actuator test stands.

The Legacy Continues

Duncan Aviation’s three full-service facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah; are Authorized Service Centers, continuing to provide comprehensive sales and services with teams dedicated to the Learjet aircraft. We have four airframe maintenance teams, two Service Sales Reps, and two Technical Representatives who, alongside more teams, provide engine, paint, interior, engineering/certification, avionics upgrades, structures, component repair, landing gear inspections, and parts services. They are all supported by a comprehensive list of backshop capabilities that include parts manufacturing, nondestructive testing, machining and welding, and tool calibrations, to name just a few.

Over the last 10 years, Duncan Aviation has worked on 1,248 different Learjet aircraft. That is approximately 61% of the current active fleet, completing 20,998 different projects and closing 27,038 work orders. 

Our support of the Learjet doesn’t end when an aircraft leaves the hangar. Duncan Aviation’s Satellites and Rapid Response teams are located across the United States to fill the service gaps for operators when in-the-field service is necessary.

Duncan Aviation is still an aircraft sales company assisting clients with the sales or acquisition of their Learjet. 

“The Learjet 45 and Learjet 75 series aircraft are great midsized jets,” says Doug Roth, a long-time Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisition team member. “I would recommend them to anyone with travel requirements that fit into their payload/range parameters.”

* Learjet is a trademark of Bombardier Inc.

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